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Over the course of some weeks I stopped and interviewed people to separate them into two groups, this not being based on race but being based on the amount of time one has lived in the area of Brooklyn. One group was the two years or less group, which were the people that were still fresh to the neighborhood. The second group I searched for were the two years or more group, the original inhabitants. 


Through this I gained a better understanding of gentrification as well as the effects it has on both sides of the spectrum. I traveled to multiple parts of Brooklyn, ones that have underwent great changes over the years so that the results were more substantial. 

911 Memorial 

I wanted to go out and photograph the memorial site for 9/11 to get an idea of the aura it held. I also shot and interviewed some people with the intent of discovering how they had been afflicted by the tragic events the took place on that unforgettable day.

Sherrill Jones was one of the women that I had interviewed. Immediately it was apparent that she had some type of connection to the memorial. I assumed she had been affected by a loss. Her response to my question was "I didn't lose any one but it is such a beautiful tribute to those people". This was the reason for a tear dropping down her cheek as we conversed and I photographed her. It was her first time visiting the memorial. This was an extremely emotional moment for me, one that I can say I was ecstatic to have captured and summed up in its entirety through an image. What I discovered was that there was an unexplainable connection between the memorial and Sherrill. 

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